New Pentax Accessory Grip A for LX

Συλλεκτική ξύλινη χειρολαβή για την Pentax LX

Τιμή = €90

  • Function:  shaped to meet photographer’s indiviual needs using a whittling knife or similiar instrument and sandpaper to smooth out the rough edges.
  • Connection type: screw-in
  • Camera Mount:  Pentax LX




Manufacturer Part Number 37124
Manufacture GTIN 027075010796
Brand Name Pentax

The LX Grip A comes supplied as a large block (80mm x 25mm x 22mm HxWxD) with a circular cut-out to accommodate the swing of the multi-function lever, it is fabricated of chocolate coloured plastic. The Grip-A is designed to be shaped by the user to suite themselves, the plastic material can be readily whittled with a sharp blade and sanded in order to achieve the desired contours. It attaches to the body similarly to the Grip-B but it extends about 15mm further downward than the Grip-B making it more suitable to be customised for use with the Motor Drive LX or Winder LX.