Kodak Professional Ektachrome Transparency Film pack of 5 x E100G 135-36 Expired 06/2007

Expired 06/2007
These have been kept refrigerated since new.

Extremely fine grain
ISO 100
cat. no. 3920451
Made in USA

Τιμή πακέτου των 5 slide = €50

About Kodak 1884576 E100G Color Slide Film, 35mm Size 36

KODAK PROFESSIONAL EKTACHROME Films E100G and E100GX are the next generation of color transparency films. Both films deliver extremely fine grain (rms 8), a lower D-min for whiter, brighter whites, and an improved tone scale. These films feature the latest advancements in Kodak’s Color Amplifying Technology and KODAK T-GRAIN Emulsion Technology to capture light more efficiently.
EKTACHROME E100G Film offers moderately enhanced color saturation with a neutral color balance. EKTACHROME 100GX Film also features moderately enhanced color saturation, but with a warm balance (the “X” is for warm).

Both films produce exceptional results for advertising, fashion, editorial, architecture, nature/wildlife, and other commercial applications.
These films are designed for exposure with daylight or electronic flash.

Kodak’s high-efficiency T-GRAIN Emulsion technology Extremely fine grain
(rms granularity of 8)

Remarkably detailed scans

Greater enlargements without worrying about grain
Advanced emulsion sensitization Lower D-min Whiter, brighter whites
Lower contrast tone scale Extended tonal range from highlights to shadows Improved highlight and shadow detail
Matched color records Neutral tone scale Natural skin-tone reproduction

Consistent gray scale rendition throughout tonal range

Larger notes area on the 35 mm magazine More room to record exposure or processing information Easier to communicate with your lab
Image archivability Stability of original images in dark Worry-free access to images for future use