Big Balance Brushless Gimbal Gibbon Kit

  • professional, jitter-free shots without crane or dolly
  • electronic 2D stabilizing system
  • compensates horizontal and vertical movements
  • for camcorders, mirrorless system cameras and reflex cameras from 300 to 800g
  • uncomplicated and quick set-up and balancing
  • compact design
  • powerpack with long up-time and short charging time
  • handle revolving by 360ᄚ
  • Quick-mounting plate with universal ᄐ inch thread
  • equipped with two brushless motors (Brushless Gimbal)
  • vertical pans up to 90ᄚ can be controlled with the thumb
  • tripod thread on the handle

Professional, jitter-free shots
The Big Balance Gibbon makes professional filming easy. With the 2 electric motors the Gimbal automatically stabilizes your camera, so that jittering, which may be caused when walking with the camera, will no longer be visible.

For cameras with a total weight of up to 800g
The Gibbon 2-axis Gimbal stabilizes cameras with a weight of up to 800g. Ideal for mirrorless system cameras, like the Panasonic GH4, Sony A7 and many more, as well as camcorders. Due to the innovative design you can easily use the fold-out screen of the camera.

Handle revolving by 360ᄚ
The flexible handle, which can be rotated by 360ᄚ, gives you the opportunity to shoot from most different camera perspectives. Tracking shots near ground level are just as possible as shots from the bird’s eye view when using the handle extension (available as accessory).

More stability due to the additional handle
Just mount the included additional handle to the back of the Gimbal to achieve even more stability for your filming.

Smooth vertical pans up to 90ᄚ
With the two handle mounted buttons, which can be easily operated with the thumbs, enable smooth vertical panning up to an angle of 90ᄚ.


πηγή = φωτογράφος

Τιμή : €419

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