Walimex pro Daylight 250 with Softbox, 40x60cm


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  • CREATE GREAT PORTRAITS WITH THIS COMPLETE LIGHT SOLUTION FOR STUDIOS – Ready to use lamp with reflector and diffuser for photography and video, very bright and with excellent colour reproduction
  • BRING OUT STRONG, NATURAL COLOURS – Colour rendering index above 83 Ra, colour temperature approx. 5400 K (similar to daylight) for natural colours in your photos
  • ENJOY THE BRIGHT LIGHT – The 50 W daylight spiral lamp gives off the brightness a 250 W light bulb would generate, the lamp features a universal E27 socket
  • USE HARD AND SOFT LIGHT CHARACTERISTICS – The 40 x 60 cm softbox with removable diffuser allows for different lighting moods
  • SCOPE OF DELIVERY – 1x Walimex pro Daylight 250 with softbox (40x60cm), 1x 50 W spiral daylight lamp, 1x front diffuser, 1x transport and storage bag

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Perfect portraits thanks to professional lighting for the studio!
This studio luminaire enables both beginners and professionals to illuminate portraits or product shots efficiently. With its features it fulfils several requirements you have for your studio lighting. In addition to a bright light source with low energy consumption and a high color rendering index, it features a reflector to focus the light and a removable diffuser to change the lighting mood. With the help of its spigot connection, the lamp weighing only 720 grams can be easily placed on any lamp stand – and you are ready to go!

Lighting made very easy
Simply open the square reflector up like an umbrella. The light is reflected directly outwards by the reflective inner lining, allowing maximum illumination of the scene. You can also fix the enclosed diffuser to hook and loop points. When it is attached, the light characteristic changes from hard, directional light to soft, diffuse light that hits the subject from different directions, produces no hard highlights or hard edges and casts fewer shadows.

Set up in seconds
Thanks to the universal 5/8 inch spigot adapter of the lamp, you can mount it quickly and easily lengthwise or crosswise on lamp stands of all kinds. This also includes hanging stands, wall mounts, booms on boom stands, clamps with appropriate load capacity as well as adapters that can be quickly screwed onto camera tripod heads. You can adjust the lamp in two axes: Swivel it around the spigot of the mount in the desired direction and tilt it to the desired angle using its joint and an easy-to-use hand screw on the mount. Dismantling is just as quick and easy.

Convincing features
With a weight of only 720 grams, a power consumption of only 50 watts and a brightness equivalent to that of a 250-watt bulb, this lamp will find its place in any studio: It is ideal for portraits or interviews with continuous light, but can also be used for brightening up a scene or for setting accents. The luminous intensity is 340 lm at a distance of 2 m without diffuser. The light has 5400 K (ᄆ 100) and thus daylight quality, the color rendering index is between 82 and 85 Ra. The 4 m long power cable can be quickly connected. A transport and storage bag protects the lamp from damage or dust when it is not in use.

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά :

General information

Product Type Daylight permanent light, Daylight Softbox
Material Synthetic material, synthetic fibre
Product Color Black
Length 600mm
Width 400mm
Weight 720g


Nominal/ rated luminous flux 2600lm
Lamp Spiral daylight lamp, Energy-saving bulb
Number of Lamps bulbs bulbs 1Stk.
Performance per lamp 50Watt
Equivalent Light Bulb Performance 250W
Max. grid operation performance 55Watt
Performance 50W
Colour Temperature 5400K (5300-5500K)K
Color Temperature adjustable No, Yes by color filter, sold separately, Yes by change of lamp
colour rendering index Ra 82-85Ra
Luminosity Daylight 2m 340Lux
Pedestal E27
Interdiffuser No
Diffusion Area Translucent
Softbox Type Rectangular Softbox
Softbox inside colour Silver
Softbox outside colour Black
Softbox material PES Aluminium
Softbox height 600mm
width Softbox 400mm
Weight softbox 720g
Length net cable 4m
Nominal/ rated power consumption 50
Mercury salary <4mg
Min. switching cycles >10000
Start-up time to 60% of the luminous flux 0,6s
Lamp light stream preservation at the end of the nominal life span > 50%
Middle nominal life span 8.000h
Body material Metal and Plastic Combination
Softbox transportation bag included Yes
Voltage supply AC 220 – 240 V 50-60 Hz
Tripod included No


Girth 1310mm
Height of Packaging 115mm
Length of Packaging 850mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 1330g
Width of Packaging 115mm

Περιλαμβάνει :

  • 1x Walimex pro Daylight 250 with Softbox, 40x60cm
  • 1x 50 W Spiral Daylight Lamp
  • 1x Front Diffuser
  • 1x Transport and Storage Bag

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