Walimex pro LED Soft 200 Flat Daylight


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  • Professional LED photo and video light, On-Camera Light
  • Soft LED series of particularly soft and extremely high-quality light
  • Low profile, 40 high-power LEDs, Power: 16 Watt
  • Daylight variant color temperature 5600 Kelvin, CRI 93-95 Ra
  • Illuminated LCD display, metal case, incl. High-quality ball head
  • Operating with NP-F batteries or power supply
  • Complete lighting solution with extensive accessories incl. Battery charger and transport and storage bag

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Highest quality for a variety of uses
Walimex pro Soft LED means newest and powerful LED technology in real professional quality for serious photographers. This flat LED light is ideal for on-camera use – whether attached directly to the camera / camcorder, in the Rig / Cage or by Magic Arm. The Soft LED 200 Round Daylight has a maximum power of 16 watts and convinces with outstanding product and light quality and complete scope of delivery.

The arrangement of the ultra-modern SMD high power LED ‘s in the outer frame of the light and the reproduction light on the specially designed diffuser you get an exceptionally soft and uniform light that neither hidden nor reflected.

The Walimex pro Soft LED 200 Flat Daylight lamp is ideal for demanding photo and video applications such as PeopleSoft Babysitting, portrait, wedding photography or interviews. In photography, the applications of these professionals are LED Light from walimex pro almost indefinitely – whether attached via stand, Magic Arm or On-Camera


Convenient operation, technically at the cutting edge
This high quality LED lamp On Camera features a passively cooled and outstanding machined metal casing. The walimex pro Soft LED 200 Flat light is equipped with a backlit LCD display that displays the light intensity, color temperature and the battery status in percent.

The brightness is continuously adjustable from 10 to 100% dimmable. The color temperature is 5600 Kelvin and thus corresponds to the daylight. The high-performance SMD LED used are much more powerful than conventional LED and convince additionally by light with extremely high color rendering index CRI (color rendering index) values.

Through a brilliant flicker-light reproduction with an extremely high CRI 93-95 Ra this LED lamp is so excellently suited for ambitious photographers with the highest quality standards.

The Soft LED Flat 200 can be operated via the included AC adapter or with a NP-F battery (960 or more from NP-F 550/750 or NP-F). The high quality construction and design, this ultra-modern LED lamp is very energy efficient and does not heat up. Thus, in accordance with powerful batteries a full time operation per battery is easily possible. A Dual Charger for NP-F battery is already standard included.

Flexible mounting and optimally adapted
The walimex pro Soft LED 200 Flat has been standard with a high-quality metal ball head with hotshoe mount and ᄐ and 3/8 inch thread connection. He is thus mounted on virtually any camera / camcorder and every lamp tripod.

Full-fledged equipment factory
The walimex pro Soft LED 200 Flat Daylight lamp already equipped as standard with a complete equipment incl. High-quality transport and storage bag, power supply for mains operation, NP-F Dual Battery Charger (incl. 12V car adapter) and German manual.

  • Ideal for amateur and professional photographers / videographers
  • On-Camera, the Rig / Cage with Magic Arm usable
  • High-quality workmanship and durable quality equipment in all modules
  • tripod, Magic Arm or On-Camera mounting possible
  • Incl. extensive full equipment factory

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά :

General information

Product Type LED Photo-Video lamp
Material Metal, synthetic material
Product Color Black
Width 284mm
Height 104mm
Depth 46mm
Weight 470g


Depth 46mm
Lamp High-Performance LED
Number of LEDs 40
Performance 16W
Brightness continuously variable dimmable Daylight 10-100%
Colour Temperature 5600 ᄆ 300K
Color Temperature adjustable Yes by color filter, sold separately
colour rendering index Ra 93-95Ra
TLCI >95
Illumination Angle 75ᄚ
Luminosity Daylight 0,5 m 770Lux
Luminosity Daylight 1 m 218Lux
Body material Metal
Width Light Area 255mm
Height light area 75mm
Flaps included in scope of supply No
Inclinable Yes
Voltage supply DC 7,4 – 14,8V 2,5 mm (power supply unit), Battery
Power supply unit included in scope of supply No, Power supply unit sold separately
Tansportation bag, Lamp included Yes, Transportations Bag including foam inserts
battery mounts at the device 1x NP-F
Display Yes
Bi – Color No
Compatible Battery Models NP-F Mount
Connection Mount Ball head, adjustable, Hot Shou Mounting adjustable, 1/4 inch
Power Supply Power Supply Unit, NP-F Batteries


Compatible battery mount NP-F Mount


Girth 1276mm
Height of Packaging 105mm
Length of Packaging 414mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 1940g
Width of Packaging 326mm

Περιλαμβάνει :

1x walimex pro LED 200 Soft Flat Daylight lamp with ball head
1x power supply cable
1x NP-F Dual Charger
1x Power Adapter Charger
1x 12V car charger cable for charger 1x quality transport and storage bag with inlay

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Βάρος 1.94 kg
Διαστάσεις 41.4 × 32.6 × 10.5 cm





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