Quadralite Pulse Pro X

Pulse Pro X

Quadralite Pulse Pro X Flash with maximum output of 400, 600, 800Ws and 7 f-stop power range (adjustable in 1/10th-stop) is design to be the perfect tool for every studio photographer. Thanks to its modern design, Pulse Pro X features extremely short flash duration time of 1/35086s (t0.1 at the minimum power in Speed mode – Pulse Pro X 400) and lighting fast recharging. After full-power pop, flash is ready to be triggered again only after 0.7 seconds (Pulse Pro X 400). This outstanding performance makes Pulse Pro X one of the most efficient studio flashes available. Furthermore it offers stroboscopic mode (Multi), allowing to trigger up to 30 flashes per second.

The flash has a special Stable Color mode which ensures stable color temperature trough-out entire power range. This option will be appreciated by photographers specialized in product photography. Pulse Pro X is also perfect for on-location shooting also in strong ambient light. This is possible as Pulse Pro X synchronizes with short exposure times and allows for flash synchronization at the speed of up to 1/8000s* (HSS).

Pulse Pro X 400


Pulse Pro X 600


Pulse Pro X 800


Pulse Pro X flashes are fully compatible with Quadralite Navigator X wireless system. Owing to a built-in receiver they can be combined and operated with Atlas 600 TTL, Reporter 360 TTL, and Stroboss 60 flashes. Navigator X wireless trigger, which is available separately, will enable you to take advantage of all most important features of the flashes, such as: HSS mode and remote flash output control.

Pulse Pro X is equipped with USB socket, allowing to connect Navigator system receivers to remotely trigger the flash (up to x-sync speed), and to adjust its power output. If you already own Quadralite/Quantuum Up!, Move, Pulse, and Pulse Pro flashes, you can easily add Pulse Pro X to your gear and use the same triggers as before. You can also use Jack 6.35 mm socket and connect Pulse Pro X with triggers of other brands.

Pulse Pro X flash is fitted with 150W (E27) halogen bulb which acts as modeling light. Its light intensity can be smoothly adjusted regardless of the set flash output.

Pulse Pro X features aluminum made housing to ensure high durability and good protection. Tripod clamp is also made of metal and equipped with tilting mechanism. Thanks to its highly durable, all-metal construction, the Pulse Pro X can safely carry large and heavy light modifiers such as parabolic umbrellas, softboxes (up to 150cm in diameter) and reflectors. If such a need arises, it’s also possible to move tripod clamp to properly balance the flash with attached light modifier. Ergonomically designed and placed handle, ensures comfortable and easy operation when mounted on tripod.

Quadralite Pule Pro X can be used with broad selection of light modifiers such as: reflectors, softboxes, snoots, beauty-dishes, umbrellas and other accessories equipped with Bowens-type mount.


  • Maximum flash output of 400, 600, 800Ws.
  • Flexible and precise flash output adjustment within 7 f-stops (from 1/1 to 1/128) adjustable in 1/10th-stop
  • Extremely short flash duration of 1/35086s (t0.1 at 1/128 of power – Pulse Pro X 400) in the Speed Mode
  • Lightning fast recycling times (0.7s at full power – Pulse Pro X 400)
  • Up to 10 continuous flashes per second
  • High-Speed Sync. up to shutter speed of 1/8000s*
  • Stroboscopic flash (Multi) mode
  • Stable flash color temperature (5600K±200K) in the Stable Flash mode
  • Small output variability, ≤2% between continuous flashes at the same output level
  • Integrated Quadralite Navigator X receiver for wireless control and triggering*
  • Optical slave triggering and standard sync socket (Jack 6.3mm) for flash synchronization
  • Automatic power reduction while decreasing flash output
  • 150 W (E27) halogen modeling light
  • Active cooling (integrated fan)
  • Compatible with the Bowens type mount light modifiers
  • Solid and durable metal housing and tripod mount


ModelPulse Pro X 400Pulse Pro X 600Pulse Pro X 800
Guide Number (full power, ISO100, 7’ reflector)58m76m90m
Color Temperature – Stable Color Mode5600K±200K
Color Temperature – Speed Mode5400~9000K
Color Temperature – High-Speed Sync4800K±200K
Energy Adjustment Range1/128 (1,5 Ws) ~ 1/1 (400Ws)1/128 (2,3 Ws) ~ 1/1 (600Ws)1/128 (3,1 Ws) ~ 1/1 (800Ws)
Recycle Time~0,05 – 0,9s~0,05 – 0,9s~0,05 – 0,9s
Flash ModesM, HSS, Multi
High Speed Syncdo 1/8000s*
Flash Duration (Stable Color Mode) t0.11/416s @1/1 ~ 1/4983s @1/1281/316s @1/1 ~ 1/4246s @1/1281/256s @1/1 ~ 1/3852s @1/128
Flash Duration (Speed Mode) t0.11/416s @1/1 ~ 1/35086s @1/1281/316s @1/1 ~ 1/28984s @1/1281/256s @1/1 ~ 1/25640s @1/128
Stroboscopic Flash (Multi)up to 100 flashes, 100Hz
Display Flash DurationYes
DisplayLCD panel
Wireless controlBuilt in Navigator X receiver
Wireless FunctionSlave, ON/OFF
Channel/Group settings32/16
Transmission Range~50m
Flash Triggering ModeWireless (Navigator X), Jack 6.35mm sync port, Test Button, Slave, Navigator wireless control port
Diameter x Height with handle x Length with lamp cover14 x 26 x 41 cm14 x 26 x 41 cm14 x 26 x 52 cm

* function available with the Navigator X/X2 trigger


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