#MyProfotoBag Διαγωνισμός Profoto – “έκδοση Backpack”

Νέος διαγωνισμός της Profoto με 1ο έπαθλο το Profoto A1X και θέμα την φωτογραφική μας τσάντα. Ακολουθούν στα Ελληνικά η περιγραφή του διαγωνισμού και στα Αγγλικά οι Όροι και οι Προϋποθέσεις. Ο διαγωνισμός είναι ανοιχτός, πρέπει οι συμμετέχοντες να είναι άνω των 18 ετών και το post της συμμετοχής θα πρέπει να είναι στα Αγγλικά. Ο διαγωνισμός διενεργείται από την Profoto και δεν έχει συμμετοχή η εταιρεία μας.

Θα θέλατε να κερδίσετε ένα Profoto A1X και το δικό σας Profoto Core BackPack; Δεν υπάρχει τίποτα καλύτερο από το να έχετε ένα κομψό και ευέλικτο σακίδιο που να ταιριάζει με όλο τον εξοπλισμό σας όπου κι αν πάτε. Λοιπόν έχουμε ακριβώς αυτό που ψάχνετε.

Αλλά πρώτα, θέλουμε να δούμε τι υπάρχει μέσα στην φωτογραφική τσάντα σας. Χρησιμοποιήστε τη δημιουργικότητά σας και ανεβάστε μια εικόνα ή βίντεο του φωτογραφικού σας εξοπλισμού με το hashtag #MyProfotoBag στο Instagram και πείτε μας γιατί θέλετε να κερδίσετε το απόλυτο flash kit.

Περίοδος Διαγωνισμού:  20 Ιουλίου έως 12 Αυγούστου 2020

Δείξτε μας τι υπάρχει μέσα στην φωτογραφική σας τσάντα – κερδίστε το δικό σας σακίδιο Profoto!

Πώς να συμμετάσχετε: 

  • Μοιραστείτε την εικόνα, το βίντεο ή το GIF σας στο Instagram – το μόνο όριο είναι η φαντασία σας!
  • Προσθέστε το hashtag #MyProfotoBag
  • Προσθέστε κίνητρο στη λεζάντα σας περιγράφοντας γιατί πρέπει να κερδίσετε


  • 1ο Βραβείο:  Profoto Core BackPack S+ Profoto A1X 
  • 2ο Βραβείο: Profoto Core BackPack S + Profoto C1 Plus 
  • 3ο Βραβείο:  Profoto Core BackPack S + Profoto C1 

Όροι και Προϋποθέσεις

  1. The competition is arranged by Profoto and is open for participation from July 20, 2020 to August 12, 2020. In order to participate in the contest, contestants need to upload an image or video of their photography tool kit with the hashtag #MyProfotoBag on Instagram and tell us why they want to win.
  2. The entry must fulfil all campaign requirements, as specified, to be eligible to win a prize. Entries that are incomplete or do not adhere to the rules or specifications may be disqualified at the sole discretion of Profoto. Responses must be entered in English.
  3. There is no entry fee and no purchase necessary to enter this competition.
  4. Participants must be eighteen (18) years old or older as of the date of entry.
  5. By participating, the contestant (“You”) agree to be fully unconditionally bound by these rules, and You represent and warrant that You meet the eligibility requirements.
  6. The winners be appointed by a jury comprised of Profoto employees based on motivation, originality, and image quality. The winner will be contacted via email and the decision cannot be appealed. Profoto may also ask the winner to be featured in Profoto communication (newsletter, website, social media channels) to highlight the competition.
  7. Employees of Profoto, its affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and promotion agencies, and suppliers, and immediate family members and/or those living in the same household of employees are not eligible to participate in the competition.
  8. The first prize is a Profoto Core BackPack S and Profoto A1X to the total value of $1,354.00 excluding sales tax. The second prize is a Profoto Core BackPack S and Profoto C1 Plus to the total value of $558.00 excluding sales tax. The third prize is a Profoto Core BackPack S and Profoto C1 to the total value of $408.00 excluding sales tax.
  9. Information submitted with an entry is subject to the Privacy Policy as stated on the Profoto website. To read the Privacy Policy, please visit
  10. Please note that the winner might be obligated to pay income tax on the value of the prize won and that any and all prize-related expenses are not included as a part of the prize, such as local taxes.
  11. Profoto shall have no liability for the winner’s failure to receive notices due to spam, junk e-mail or other security settings or for winner’s provision of incorrect or otherwise non-functioning contact information. If a winner cannot be contacted, is ineligible, fails to claim the prize within five (5) days from the time award notification was sent, or fails to timely return a completed and executed declaration and release as required, the prize may be forfeited, and an alternate winner selected.
  12. Profoto reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the competition should virus, bug, non-authorized human intervention, fraud, or other cause beyond Profoto’s control corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, or proper conduct of the competition. In such case, Profoto may select the winner from all eligible entries received prior to and/or after (if appropriate) the action taken by Profoto. Profoto reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any individual who tampers or attempts to tamper with the entry process or the operation of the competition or website or violates these Terms & Conditions. Profoto has the right, in its sole discretion, to maintain the integrity of the competition, to void votes for any reason, including, but not limited to: multiple entries from the same user from different IP addresses; multiple entries from the same computer in excess of that allowed by competition rules; or the use of bots, macros, scripts, or other technical means for entering. Any attempt by an entrant to deliberately damage any website or undermine the legitimate operation of the competition may be a violation of criminal and civil laws.
  13. It is not permitted to publish, post, transmit, distribute, disseminate information or material relating to public groups, prosecutions, child pornography, violence, breach of confidentiality or crimes. We reserve the right to remove contributions that violate these rules and against good tonnage.


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