Profoto Softbox on A10 and A2

πλέον οι λύσεις για τοποθέτηση softbox στην A σειρά της Profoto είναι

είτε με τη σειρά Clic Softbox όπου το φλας προσαρμοζεται μαγνητικά στο πτυσσόμενο softbox και δουλεύουμε πολύ γρήγορα

NEW101318 Profoto Clic Softbox 2.3 Octa (70cm)435,00 €
NEW101320 Profoto Clic Softgrid 2.3 Octa (70cm)179,00 €
NEW101319 Profoto Clic Softbox 2.7 Octa (80cm)479,00 €
NEW101321 Profoto Clic Softgrid 2.7 Octa (80cm)225,00 €
NEW101308 Profoto Clic Magnum with Grid225,00 €
101303 Profoto Clic Softbox 2.0 Octa (60cm)365,00 €
101304 Profoto Clic Softgrid 2.0 Octa (60cm)155,00 €
101307Profoto Clic OCF Adapter II for A series350,00 €

/int/products/light-shaping-tools/softboxes/clic-softbox-2.3-70cm-octa >

Clic Softbox 2.3 Octa

/int/products/light-shaping-tools/softboxes/clic-softbox-2.7-80cm-octa >

Clic Softbox 2.7 Octa

/int/products/light-shaping-tools/softboxes/clic-softbox-2-60cm-octa >

Clic Softbox 2′ (60cm) Octa


The new Clic Softbox Octa generates a soft and flattering light ideal for close-up portraits, flat-lay, and still life/product photography with the Profoto A-range flashes. It is ideal for shooting on the go when you are on-location. Not only is it light and portable, but it has a quick fold/unfold solution and uses magnets to attach to the flash head. So, with literally just a click – you are ready to shoot. The Clic Softbox Octa comes with an integrated handle and stand adapter. And, because of its compatibility with other Clic light shaping tools, you can use them in any number of combinations.

είτε με τους αντάπτορες OCF Adapter και Clic OCF Adapter II που μας δίνουν τη δυνατότητα να προσαρμόσουμε οποιοδήποτε Softbox ή άλλο αξεοσυάρ OCF με το φλας σειράς A

/int/products/light-shaping-tools/accessories-for-light-shaping-tools/clic-ocf-adapter-ii-4fe41229 >

Clic OCF Adapter II

/int/products/light-shaping-tools/adapters/ocf-adapter-4683bc87 >

OCF Adapter

101307Profoto Clic OCF Adapter II for A series350,00 €
101220Profoto OCF Beauty Dish White 2′250,00 €
101221Profoto OCF Beauty Dish Silver 2′250,00 €
101210Profoto OCF Speedring130,00 €
101211Profoto OCF Softbox 2′ Octa ( diam. 60cm)209,00 €
101212Profoto OCF Softgrid 50° 2′ Octa150,00 €
101213Profoto OCF Softbox 1.3×1.3′ ( 40×40 cm)159,00 €
101214Profoto OCF Softgrid 50° 1.3×1.3′100,00 €
101215Profoto OCF Softbox 2×3′ (60×90 cm)285,00 €
101216Profoto OCF Softgrid 50° 2×3′167,00 €
101217Profoto OCF Softbox 1×3′ (30×90 cm)265,00 €
101218Profoto OCF Softgrid 50° 1×3′150,00 €
101231Profoto OCF Softbox 3′ Octa 90cm300,00 €
101233Profoto OCF Softgrid 50° 3′ Octa165,00 €
101232Profoto OCF Softbox 1×4′300,00 €
101234Profoto OCF Softgrid 50° 1×4′165,00 €
101235Profoto OCF Stripmask 1×3′45,00 €
101236Profoto OCF Stripmask 1×4′45,00 €


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