Leofoto LS-284CEX Carbon Fiber Tripod With BV-10 Head

Leofoto LS-284CEX Carbon Fiber Tripod With BV-10 Head

  • Maximum Load 10 kg
  • Maximum Height 1566 mm
  • Minimum Height 185 mm
  • Folded Length 626 mm

The Leofoto LS-284CEX 28mm 4 section Compact Carbon Fibre Tripod with BV-10 Fluid Head. The Leofoto LS-284CEX Tripod with a levelling base is the alternative brother of the LS-284C. The difference between the ordinary Ranger carbon tripods and the Ranger Levelling tripods is the built-in levelling base with a maximum of 15 degrees of tilt. This makes the Levelling carbon tripods ideal for panorama work and filmmakers as well as sports and nature photographers. The added tilt feature along with high precision and portability will satisfy the needs of avid bird watchers and videographers. The user can adjust the tripod head horizontally without having to adjust the tripod legs in length after the tripod has been placed.

The Leofoto BV-10 60mm Flat Base Video Fluid Head is extremely compact and low-profile fluid head with a beautiful , ergonomic design, aluminum and CNC machined parts offer good and strong structure. It is fine-tuned for use with medium-sized spotting scopes, but it is also ideal for DSLRs and compact camcorders.

Includes a 1/4”-20 and 1/8”-16 thread mounting stud

Comes with extra installing options with a thread of 1/4”-20

The tripod design features a reinforced leg lock system

Maintenance-free and unique lock system

Large Diameter Teardrop Shaped Feet

10x Layers carbon fibre tube for extra durability

Tilt angle from +90° to -75°

360° panning level

The handle can be installed according to your habbit

Accessories can be mounted on the 1/4" thread

Brand Leofoto
Model LS-284CEX+BV-10
Series Ranger
Material Carbon Fibre
Maximum Load 10 kg
Maximum Height 1566 mm
Minimum Height 185 mm
Folded Length 626 mm
Tilt Range -15° / +15°
Leg Sections 4
Leg Lock Type Twist
Leg Angle 85 °/ 55° / 23°
Leg Diameter 28 / 25 / 22 / 19 mm
Leveling Base Diameter 54 mm
Foot Mount Removable Rubber
Bubble Level 1
Net weight 2 kg
Fluid Video Head BV-10
Length 388 mm
Width 122 mm
Height 98 mm
Base Diameter 60 mm
Tilt Angle +90° to -75°
Panning Base Travel 360°
Max Balance Load 4 kg
Max Load 5 kg
Weight 0.7 kg
Style Acra-Swiss


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