⚙ Nikon D4s body

Πωλείται NIKON D4s

η μηχανή θρύλος , δουλεμένη μεν, αλλά με εξαιρετική προσοχή και σεβασμό από κορυφαίο επαγγελματία

όταν ανακοινώθηκε η ναυαρχίδα των 6500 δολλαρίων και της αστρονομικής ρύθμισης ISO 400.000

Nikon D4S HD-SLR is the Formidable Fusion of Speed and Accuracy
Nikon’s flagship HD-SLR is the evolution of a masterpiece, reinforcing Nikon as the choice of pro photographers and multimedia creators

Designed for the most demanding photographers and multimedia professionals in the world, the Nikon D4S improves upon the revered D4 to give users enhanced image and video quality, improved autofocus (AF), faster performance during and after capture, in addition to an astonishing ISO range.

25 February 2014: 16 MP FX, 11 FPS, 47.3 oz./1,337g, $6,500.

The D4s is a D4 with a faster computer to allow more noise reduction to give a foolish ISO 409,600 setting, 11 frames per second up from 10, and a bunch of other small features changes. The D4S development was announced 07 January 2014 at CES 2014.


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