Mamiya AF 35mm F3.5

Mamiya AF 35mm F3.5
Ο πολύ καλός ευρυγώνιος του συστήματοςMamiya / Phaseone 645 AF
Αντιστοιχεί σε 21mm στο φόρμα 135 παρέχει γωνία θέασης 90 μοίρες
Σε πολύ προσιτή τιμή!

Manufacturer description #1

With an angle of view of 90 degrees, this is a wide-angle lens approximately equivalent to a 20mm lens in 35mm format. The built-in floating mechanism provides the photographer with the ability to obtain images with high contrast and quality, from infinity to 14″ minimum focusing distance. This lens is perfect for landscapes where maximum depth-of-field is required. Furthermore, the lens itself is equipped with an Auto/manual focus switching ring, allowing one touch selection of Auto or Manual focus.

Manufacturer description #2

Using 120/220 film, the 90° angle of view is equivalent to an ultra-wide angle 22mm focal length (compared to 35mm format) and for digital capture it acts as a normal/wide angle lens. This state-of-the-art lens design maintains high contrast and resolution continuously from infinity focus to the 13.75″ minimum focusing distance. The characteristic deep depth of field will be an advantage for many applications, including landscape, group and documentary photography. Each lens element is precisely polished and coated using Mamiya’s proprietary multi-coating process to increase light transmission, dramatically reduce flare, and ensure crisp clean whites and vibrant, yet natural colors. An independent manual focus/autofocus setting ring is located on the lens for quick changes in and out of autofocus while maintaining a natural camera balance.


  • The lens is only compatible with Mamiya 645AF, 645AFD, 645AFD II, 645AFD III, 645DF, 645DF+, Phase One XF medium format digital SLR cameras.


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