SOLD ⚙ Nikon 24 F2.0 AI-s

SOLD ⚙ Nikon 24 F2.0 AI-s

SOLD ⚙ Nikon 24 F2.8 AI

SOLD ⚙ Nikon 28 F2.0 AI

από το review του Ken Rockwell

This was the fastest 24mm lens ever made by Nikon up until 2010 … (!)

The Nikon 24mm f/2 is compact and extremely well made. As are most Nikon AI-s lenses, it’s a masterpiece of mechanical construction.

This manual-focus 24mm f/2 AI-s works great with most Nikon cameras, film and digital.

See Nikon Lens Compatibility for details on your camera. Read down the “AI, AI-s” column for this lens.


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