Instructions on the secure and ecologically sound disposal of spiral daylight lamps

disposal instructionsInstructions on disposing of spiral daylight lamps
The use of spiral daylight lamps is completely safe. If these lamps burst, however, trace amounts of
mercury vapor can escape into the air.
Due to the low content of poisonous mercury, spiral daylight lamps must not be disposed of in the
household waste according to the “Elektro‐ und Elektronikgerätegesetz (ElektroG)” (electrical and
electronic device law).
Please dispose of defective spiral daylight lamps at no charge a tone of the over 3,000 communal
waste collection points or send them back to the manufacturer using break‐proof packaging.
Safety notes for preventing lamps from breaking
 Always allow for the lamp to cool down completely before replacing it.
 Always touch the lamp on the socket, but never on the glass bulb or tubes.
 Only remove new lamps from their packaging right before using them.
 Store the lamp securely and in a break‐proof manner in a container or adequate packaging
until further usage or disposal.
Course of action in the event of lamp breaking
 Health hazard if mercury vapor is inhaled – do not bend over the shards and do not inhale
the vapors.
 Disconnect the lamp from the power supply by switching off the device, unplugging it or, if
indicated, switching off the house fuse.
 Open the windows and leave the room immediately.
 Allow for the room to air out for up to 20 minutes.
 Wear disposable or household gloves when removing the shards. Carefully sweep the glass
splinters into a pile. Please use a vacuum cleaner on carpeted floor and dispose of the
vacuum cleaner bag afterward.
 Collect the shards and remainders of the lamp in a sealable container (e.g., preserving jar)
 Dispose of the labeled container at a local disposal point.
 At all times ensure not to insure yourself on the glass shards.


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