Mantona drone landing-point foldable, 107cm


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  • Watertight foldable landing platform for all current drones
  • Diameter when opened out 107 cm, and 40 cm when folded
  • Ideal for dusty or wet surfaces
  • Immediately ready for use
  • Good quality to ensure long life

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Mantona take-off and landing pad

The mantona drone landing platform is your ideal companion for excursions with your drone, quadcopter or miniature helicopter. Flying devices remain clean and dry, even if the ground is still wet from the rain or is dusty. The take-off and landing platform measures 107 cm when opened and is suitable for small and medium-sized drones. Thanks to the small dimensions when folded up, this landing platform can be taken anywhere. The special construction means it can be put up and taken down in just a few seconds. The material is water-repellent. Dirt can be simply wiped off. Delivered with a practical plastic bag with zip, the landing platform can also be tidied away neatly.

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά :

General information

Product Type Cloth background
Material Metal, Polyester
Product Color Grey
Width 1070mm
Height 13mm
Weight 535g


Number Attachment Loops 3
Field of Application Outdoor
Attachment Loops Yes
Transport diameter 400mm
Overall diameter 1070mm
Care Label Easy-care by humid wipeable surface
Type Foldable Background


Girth 1260mm
Height of Packaging 30mm
Length of Packaging 400mm
Weight incl. Packaging 526g
Width of Packaging 400mm

Περιλαμβάνει :

  • 1x folding landing platform
  • 1x protective bag

Επιπρόσθετες Πληροφορίες

Βάρος 0.526 kg
Διαστάσεις 40 × 40 × 3 cm




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