Mantona Gimbal tripod head TKII


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  • high quality "monkey swing" for large telescopic lenses
  • ideal for sports and nature shots, but also for panorama photography
  • quick and simple handling
  • incl. quick-release plate with twist-on clamping and pressure lock
  • 4 fixations (friction adjustment)
  • max. load bearing capacity: approx. 8 kg

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mantona Gimbal Tripod Head
The professional Gimbal tripod head is ideal for the use of long, heavy lenses in sports or nature photography. It was developed to facilitate the vertical or horizontal tracking of quickly moving objects and to prevent the camera or lens from sinking like it can happen with ball heads. Therefore the gravity center of the equipment is optimally balanced.

Precise setting and scaling
The setting and scaling on the base plate and the tripod arm allows you to adjust the tilt and panorama setting precisely and easily reproduce it. The variable tilt function allows you to realize different angles.

High functionality
The tripod head comes with a quick-release plate, a swivel clamp and a pressure relief device, which fastens the camera or the lens. The 3/8 inch adapter can be mounted on any tripod and therefore ensures perfectly aligned pictures. At a load capacity of approx. 10kg, even big tele lenses can be mounted without worry.

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General information

Product Type Tripod head, Video tripod equipment
Material Aluminium
Product Color Black
Width 220mm
Height 230mm
Weight 1060g


Tripod Head Gimbal tripod head
Max. Load Tripod Head 8000g
Height Ball Head 230mm
Weight Ball Head 1060g
Contains quick change plate Yes
Camera connection 1/4 inch
Tripod Connection 3/8 inch


Girth 917mm
Height of Packaging 108mm
Length of Packaging 263mm
Packaging Material Polybag/Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 1279g
Width of Packaging 219mm

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  • 1 x mantona Gimbal tripod head TKII

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Βάρος 1.279 kg
Διαστάσεις 26.3 × 21.9 × 10.8 cm