Mantona Panorama Head 360


Κωδικός : 19887

  • perfectly suited for panorama photography
  • for photographs up to 360 degrees
  • graduation in 15 degree steps
  • locking / friction screw
  • built-in bubble level
  • rubberized quick-release plate
  • with safety screws in the quick-release plate
  • 3/8 inch tripod connection thread and 1/4 inch camera connection screw
  • very small size
  • made from high-quality aluminum
  • compatible with arca swiss systems

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Ideal for panorama shots
The Panorama Head 360° by mantona is perfectly suited for panorama photography. With it, you can create shots up to 360 degrees. A graduation in 15 degree steps is possible, which allows very precise working.

High comfort of use
The mantona Panorama Head offers a high comfort of use and a well thought-out design. The built-in bubble level allows an exact leveling of the head, which makes very precise horizontal turning motions possible. The safety screws in the quick-release plate prevent the camera from accidentally coming undone from the panorama head. That way the risk of falling is minimized. The quick-release plate is rubberized and therefore offers a high frictional resistance. A twisting of the camera is prevented and an exact fixation and alignment is guaranteed. The locking screw is rubberized and therefore offers maximum grip. With the help of the locking / friction screw, the frictional resistance can be adjusted to your camera model.

High-quality workmanship
The panorama head is made from high-quality aluminum, which ensures a particularly high durability and little wear. It comes with a 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch tripod connection thread. Thanks to its very small size, transport size and weight of the head are very low and it fits into every photo bag.

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General information

Product Type Photo tripod accessories, Tripod head, Panorama head
Product Color Black
Material Aluminium
Length 95mm
Width 70mm
Height 40mm


Tripod Head Panorama head 360 degreee
Max. Load Tripod Head 6000g
Weight Ball Head 250g
Height Ball Head 40mm
Tripod Connection 3/8 inch
Camera connection 1/4 inch
Number of Spirit Levels on Ballhead 2
Panorma Scale Yes


Girth 409mm
Height of Packaging 79mm
Length of Packaging 93mm
Weight incl. Packaging 300g
Width of Packaging 79mm

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  • 1x mantona Panorama Head 360°

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Διαστάσεις 9.3 × 7.9 × 7.9 cm