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  • Table stand, hand-held tripod or selfie stick
  • For bottles with regular screw caps (Ø 29-33 mm)
  • For Android smartphones and Apple iPhone (width 40-150 mm)
  • Incl. Bluetooth remote control for Android or IOS
  • Attractive Penguin design

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Simply ingenious and amazingly versatile – the mantona Bottle Selfie Holder for your smartphone!

Turn your bottle into a photo tripod
Simply plug the mantona Bottle Selfie Holder on any bottle with regular screw cap (Ø 29-33 mm) and turn it into a tripod with remote control in a matter of seconds! You can’t help falling in love with the cute gadget with penguin design!

Regardless of whether for a quick but high-quality selfie or for photo/video recording and viewing – this small helper is just what you need, and at this, it is small and lightweight enough to always carry it with you.

Practical Selfie Stick or hand-held tripod
Similar to a Selfie Stick this mantona Bottle Holder facilitates much better camera control of your smartphone than with normal shots taken directly from your hand. The shots are much steadier, and thanks to the increased distance to the object photographed, exposure angles and perspective are rather versatile.
The small Bluetooth remote control lets you control the photo-shooting function of your device very conveniently – regardless of whether you want to create a classical selfie by hand or use the mantona Bottle Selfie Holder as tripod stand with remote control.

Tripod or table stand for shooting or viewing photos and videos
The need for a table stand often arises rather spontaneously and from a particular situation – but who always carries the right photo stand along? The mantona Bottle Selfie Holder is the ideal solution for such cases.
It is very compact and lightweight thus always fitting in a backpack, purse or pocket. Simply placed on a bottle with regular screw cap you can now enjoy photos/videos with your mobile or table practically everywhere in a matter of seconds. The search for the right fixture for your smartphone is over now!
The smartphone can be snapped quickly into the flexible universal holder; thanks to an angle adjustment of up to 270ᄚ the ideal perspective can be set for the shot; events or other occurrences can be filmed immediately with your device, and this conveniently and with high-quality.

Bluetooth coupling, fool proof and reliably for IOS or Android
The remote control supplied works per Bluetooth from 3.0 (or higher) and can be used with both common Smartphone operating systems – IOS from 5.0 and Android from 2.3.6 (or higher). Coupling takes just a few seconds and is as easy as winking.
The remote control allows operating the trigger function of the camera in the regular camera app, both with Android and IOS devices and, of course, the required CR2032 battery is included with the delivery.

Pleasant design and high-grade materials
The mantona Bottle Selfie Holder with its penguin design does not simply look coolナ it is also made of high-grade and durable materials such as ABS plastics and silicone. A securing strap reliably prevents your device from sustaining damage in case the holder detaches unexpectedly from the bottleneck due to rather strong movements. A spanner for tightening or the exact angle adjustment of the smartphone holder is integrated in the retaining tab in addition. A carbine hook for fastening the holder to the outside of a backpack is also included with the scope of delivery.


  • Table stand, hand-held tripod or selfie stick
  • Camera triggering function per remote control
  • Pleasant and attractive design, excellent craftsmanship and materials
  • Your mobile is secure against dropping, thanks to a sophisticated retaining function
  • Lightweight and compact with a length of 88 mm and a weight of 64 grams
  • Smartphone holder adjustable by 270 degree for perfect viewing or shooting angles


  • Fits all bottles with regular screw cap with diameters from 29-33 mm
  • For all smartphones and tablets with a width of 40 to 150 mm and a depth of max. 11 mm
  • Ideal for Android Smartphone and Apple iPhone or tablets with a width of 40 to 150 mm and a depth of max. 11 mm (e.g. Apple IPhone 7, 6s, 6, 5s, 5, and predecessors, Samsung Galaxy series and smartphones from LG, Sony, HTC, Huawei, Motorola and many more.)
  • Incl. Bluetooth remote control for Android or IOS (Bluetooth from 3.0, IOS 5.0 (or higher) Android from 2.3.6 (or higher)
  • Remote control compatible with Bluetooth from 3.0 or higher
  • Camera triggering function per remote control: Android from 2.3.6 or IOS from 5.0 or higher

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά :

General information

Product Type Tabletop-tripod, Remote Control, Hand tripod , Selfie stick, Selfie equipment
Material Aluminium, ABS, Silicone
Product Color Black, Yellow
Width 40mm
Weight 64g


max. sticking broad 150mm
min. sticking broad 40mm
Max. Capacity 1kg


Girth 383mm
Height of Packaging 37mm
Length of Packaging 228mm
Packaging Material Blister
Packaging with Euro Hole Yes
Weight incl. Packaging 119g
Width of Packaging 136mm

Περιλαμβάνει :

  • mantona Smartphone Bottle Selfie Holder with penguin design
  • Bluetooth remote control with carrying strap, incl. CR2032 battery
  • Carbine hook from aluminium
  • Detailed operating instructions in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish

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