Quadralite Collapsible Reflector Silver White 60cm GRADE B


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Round white-silver reflector is a product useful both in the studio and in the open air. It allows you to reflect lamp or sun light and illuminate shady places. It is equipped with two white and silver screens, each of which provides a different quality of reflected light.

Κωδικός προϊόντος: 5901698716882 Κατηγορία:


Photographic reflector is one of the main tools of every photographer, amateur and professional. Used especially in the field, with natural light, but also successfully used in the photo studio. It is suitable for equalizing the light, it can be used to illuminate the photographed person. Thanks to the different colors of reflective surfaces, we can achieve different lighting effects desired in a given situation. The whole is closed in an aesthetic cover. The high-quality materials used to manufacture the reflectors guarantee long and trouble-free operation.

The reflector has two screens

white surface – soft, neutral light (can be used as background)
silver surface – contrast light with a neutral color
Basic features:

high quality materials used for production
size when unfolded: 60cm diameter
folded size (diameter of the cover): 25cm
2 reflective planes
small transport sizes
aesthetic cover
The set contains:

the reflector – 2 reflecting planes
original packaging

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