Quadralite Gobo 58 Set 2 for SN-5260


Κωδικός : 5901698720605

Quadralite Gobo 58 kit 2 for SN-5260

Κωδικός προϊόντος: 5901698720605 Κατηγορία:


Gobos are special light modifiers used to achieve a variety of lighting effects. Thanks to their variety of designs, we can increase the effectivity of our shots in a few moments. Gobos are particularly suitable for use in the studio where the possibilities of creating such effects are very limited and involve the sacrifice of a considerable amount of time. The ease of installation and the result we obtain with them makes them extremely useful in fashion, product or occasional photography. Quadralite Gobos are specially matched to the Quadralite SN-5260 Optical Snoot, which has a special holder for this type of masks, which maximally shortens the mounting time of the masks. Quadralite offers 3 Gobo sets containing 4 different types of designs each.

The set includes:

Quadralite Gobo 58 kit 2 for SN-5260
original packaging

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