Quadralite Navigator X Plus F Transmitter


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Navigator X Plus transmitter allows you to wirelessly control studio strobes and speedlites made by Quadralite. You can use manual mode to precisely adjust flash power output from the distance up to 100 m. However automatic flash metering mode (TTL) is also available together with high-speed sync as well (up to 1/8000s). Front and second curtain sync is alsopossible.

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Navigator X Plus combines almost all features of previously released Navigator X2 with a small and compact housing of the first generation Navigator X transmitters. However there are few major upgrades.

First and the most significant is integrated Bluetooth used to connect with Quadralite Photo App enabling comfortable adjusting flash power and modeling light directly on your smartphone screen (Android and iOS devices are supported).

Another novelty in relation to its predecessor is the appearance of five buttons on the top left part of the housing, which open the direct access to the control of five groups of strobes. The flash output adjustment scale has also changed. It is much more accurate and now you can adjust flash power in 0.1 f-stop increments.

Device menu hides another new feature which is scan function. You can use it to search for communication channels without radio interference that can influence connection between lights and the transmitter itself. Control dial and all important buttons are located on the left side of the housing.

Top part of the housing is fitted with additional shoe which can be used to connect additional radio trigger on the top of Navigator X Plus. Front panel is equipped with red beam used to assist autofocus of the camera. This feature is especially useful in low lightscenarios on-location or inside studio as well. Transmitter can be easily attached to the camera thanks to integrated quick action hot shoe clamp. There is also 3.5 mm Jack syncport and USB-C socket as well.

Device is powered by two AA batteries.

Main features:

Wireless controller for all Quadralite X wireless system devices
Compatible with automatic TTL flash light metering system
2.4 GHz wireless transmission ensures stable work on longer distances both in studio andon location (up to 100m)
32 communication channels and 5 groups for fast configuration and control over manylights
AF assist beam helps to adjust focus distance in poor light conditions
equipped with five direct access buttons (A/B/C/D/E) to group settings
built-in Bluetooth allows to connect with Quadralite Photo App installed on phone and tablet
HSS (High Speed Sync) up to 1/8000
integrated quick action hot shoe clamp
ergonomically arranged keys and control knob
fitted with additional hot shoe on top
2-way Jack 3.5mm sync port available
firmware update is possible through built-in USB-C
The set contains:

Transmitter Quadralite Navigator X Plus
original packaging

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