Quadralite Navigator X2 F


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Advanced controller for Quadralite Navigator X triggers and lamps.

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Navigator X2 F trigger is the ultimate controller for all Quadralite X wireless system devices. Thanks to its large backlit dot matrix LCD screen the User can control up to 5 flash groups simultaneously including their zoom function, flash exposure compensaton and modeling light status. The device is equipped with a set of five direct action buttons to make work with a multi-light setup easy, fast and comfortable. Ergonomically located control dial ensures precise control over flash power output and other major functons. Built in AF assist light supports camera’s auto-focus adjustment which can be compromised in poor lighting conditions. Navigator X2 F is fully compatible with Fujifilm automatic TTL flash light metering system and can be used with all Quadralite TTL-capable flashes. Furthermore it can control lights in manual mode (M) and Multi (stroboscopic) modes as well. The User can set flash exposure compensation or adjust flash energy output manually. High-Speed Sync and Second Curtain Sync are also supported. The device is equipped with a USB Type-C port for firmware updates and runs on two AA bateries for convenience.

Main features:

compatble with Fujifilm automatc TTL flash light metering system
ultimate radio controller for all Quadralite X wireless system devices
2.4 GHz wireless transmission ensures stable work on longer distances both in studio and on location (up to 100m)
32 communication channels and 16 groups for fast configuration and control over many lights
TCM function ensures fast conversion of TTL settings to Manual values for exposure accuracy
AF assist helps to adjust focus distance in poor light conditons
large backlit LCD screen can display 5 groups settings simultaneously
HSS (High Speed Sync) up to 1/8000
firmware update is possible through built-in USB-C Type port

In the box:

Quadralite Navigator X2
original packaging

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