Quadralite Reporter tripod clamp for PowerPack 45


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The PowerPack clamp allows you to attach Quadralite Reporter PowerPack 45 to a light stand, tripod, or even to an edge of a flat surface.

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Quadralite Reporter PowerPack 45 clamp
PowerPack 45 Clamp can be used to mount the Reporter PowerPack 45 battery to a tripod without any additional straps and handles. Reporter PowerPack 45 Clamp allows for the fast assembly of PowerPack 45 batteries to a tripod. With this universal grapple based on a simple screw mechanism, you can mount your battery to almost any stand regardless of its type. It may be used with both studio light stands and photographic tripods. Aside from the battery grapple, PowerPack 45 Clamp is also equipped with three mounting points: 2 x 3/8″ threads and 1 x ¼” thread.

Main features:

enables you to mount a Reporter PowerPack 45 battery onto a tripod
fast assembly and simple handling
equipped with three mounting points: 2 x 3/8″ threads and 1 x ¼” thread
entirely made of metal
In the box:

Quadralite Reporter PowerPack clamp
original packaging

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