Quadralite Thea 450 LED Panel Kit


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The Quadralite Thea 450 panel LED Kit is a studio-ready lighting kit right out of the box. The set of two powerful lamps that you can place on tripods with a maximum height of 195cm will allow you to create a fully professional studio space even in a small space.

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The set is based on two Quadralite Thea 450 LED lights, a light source designed to illuminate a larger area. Their key feature is a large illumination area, which, combined with the high power of the panel, guarantees excellent light filling, so you can get a professional effect on your photos and recordings.

Quadralite Thea 450 LED panels combine high light output with low weight (1403 g) and depth (only 6 cm), which makes them easy to transport and set up in any space, even small ones.

Quadralite Thea 450 LEDs are equipped with a built-in diffusion surface, thanks to which the light they emit is extremely soft, thus eliminating the risk of hard shadows on the filmed objects. With this light you will get a fully professional, studio effect without the need for additional light modifiers.

The source of light in the lamps are LEDs with a high color reproduction index CRI 95+. The panel emits a beam of strong light, free of flicker, all with the ability to adjust the color temperature of the lamp in the range 3200 – 5600K (±300K), thanks to a dedicated knob located on the back of the panel. This feature will allow you to adjust the lamp’s operation according to the ambient light, thus achieving a natural effect on your footage.

Thea 450 LED panels are powered by popular NP-F type batteries or a dedicated AC adapter included in the kit. The set also includes two tripods with a maximum height of 195 cm, which, thanks to their special design, remain extremely light and compact, allowing seamless operation in any space.

Key features
45 W maximum power
95+ Color Rendering Index
3650 lux illuminance
3200–5600 K adjustable color temperature
10–100% smooth brightness adjustment
Small size and weight
Intuitive operation
In the kit
2 × Quadralite Thea 450 LED panel
2 × 195 cm light stand
2 × Power adapter
User manual
Carrying bag
Original packaging

Data sheet
Power in W
LED quantity
Power supply
rechargeable battery / mains operation
Power control
smooth from the lamp level
Colour Temperature (K)
3200 – 5600
Color temperature

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