Walimex pro Follow Focus


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  • convenient follow focus for DSLRs and system cameras
  • allows smooth tracking of focus when filming
  • for video rigs with a rod diameter of 15mm
  • lightweight and sturdy build

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The follow focus by walimex pro allows an easy but precise tracking of the focus when filming with DSLR cameras. The gear ring can be mounted to any lens and therefore completes the follow focus system. The focus wheel of the system is equipped with a white surface allowing you to mark and reproduce the focus area; this is also facilitated by two stoppers.

The Follow Focus can be mounted to all video rigs with a rod diameter of 15mm on both sides and comes with an accessory adapter for flexible whips and crank levers ideal for use by a camera assistant.

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General information

Weight 160g
Material ABS, synthetic material
Product Color Black, White, Blue
Lenght gear rim 360mm


3/8 inch accesories thread No
Rod diameter 15mm


Girth 428mm
Height of Packaging 79mm
Length of Packaging 155mm
Weight incl. Packaging 263g
Width of Packaging 90mm

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  • 1x walimex pro Follow Focus incl. gear ring

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