Walimex pro LED Niova 150 Bi Color + power adapter


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  • Set consisting of Walimex pro LED Niova 150 Bi Color + power supply
  • Light: Particularly bright and very high-quality on-camera LED photo and video light
  • Bi Color Version, color temperature 3.200 – 5.600 K, 1.500 Lumen, CRI =95 Ra, 15 Watt, 10-100% dimmable
  • Rugged and high-quality metal housing, illuminated display, operation with NP-F battery or mains adapter
  • mounting with inclination adjustment, mounting by flash shoe or 1/4 inch thread
  • Power supply unit: Input/connection to power supply: europlug AC 100 – 240 V / 50-60 Hz
  • output power: DC 15V 1A, output format: coaxial power connector
  • Length of power supply unit and cable: 4 meters

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Set consisting of Walimex pro LED Niova 150 Bi Color + power supply

Powerful and versatile on-camera LED photo and video light
The LED video light Walimex pro Niova 150 pleases with its high-quality workmanship, excellent light output and very easy handling. This On Camera light is exceptionally compact and lightweight, but at 15 watts and 1,500 lumens enormously powerful. The operation by battery or mains adapter and the variable colour temperature from 3,200 to 5,600 Kelvin allow a very versatile use. In combination with its easy mounting on camcorders, photo and video cameras as well as tripods of all kinds, this LED light is ideal for additional lighting at events, weddings, reports and videos as well as for smaller product shoots.

Enormous luminous intensity and high light quality
The Walimex pro Niova 150 Bi Color LED light is compact and lightweight, yet extremely powerful. Thanks to 15 Watt maximum power, this on-camera LED light produces a luminous flux of a remarkable 1,500 lumens. The high-power SMD LED light sources used are significantly more powerful than conventional LEDs and also convince with their very high quality of light. Thanks to a colour rendering index CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of =95 Ra and the flicker-free light, this LED light is also ideal for ambitious photographers with high quality demands. The luminosity is dimmable from 10 to 100% and the colour temperature is adjustable from 3,200 to 5,600 Kelvin. You can always read off the set values for luminosity and colour temperature very easily and quickly on the back.

Compact and lightweight On Camera Lamp
This LED light has a passively cooled and very high quality aluminum housing. This makes the Walimex pro Niova 150 Bi Color lamp very resistant even in heavy continuous use. With a weight of only 220 g and dimensions (without bracket) of only 145 x 95 x 20 mm, this On Camera light is neither a load on a camera nor on a cage and can be used for hours without any problems.

Comfortable and extremely simple installation
This LED headlight can be easily and quickly adjusted thanks to the included bracket with tilt angle adjustment. The holder has a cold shoe adapter connection and a threaded hole with 1/4 inch connection. This makes this lamp very easy and quick to mount on all photo and video cameras, camcorders, rigs, cages, frames and lamp tripods.

Battery or power supply operation
The Niova 150 Bi Color can be operated with a Sony NP-F compatible battery (NP-F 550, NP-F 750 or NP-F 960 and stronger). Due to the high quality construction this state-of-the-art LED light is very energy efficient and hardly heats up. This means that with the correspondingly powerful rechargeable batteries, it can be operated for hours on end without any problems.
With the power supply included in this set, continuous operation is also possible.

Power supply unit included
The power supply is already included in this set. Thanks to the four meter long cable, you have great freedom when setting up the light in the studio or on the set. The power supply takes input voltages from 100 – 240 volts, so it can be used with adapter plugs all over the world, including Japan and Guyana, the two countries with the weakest and strongest mains voltage. The output power of DC 15V 1A is delivered reliably. The plug connection is made via the classic coaxial power connector. Please note that the power supply is not compatible with the Niova 300 Bi Color.

The highlights of the Niova 150 Bi Color:

  • Enormously bright thanks to 15 W and 1,500 lm
  • High light quality and variable colour temperature
  • Very light and compact with aluminium housing
  • High quality workmanship and comfortable operation
  • Fastening by 1/4 inch thread or flash shoe
  • Optimal for hobby and professional photographers/videographers
  • Ideal for mounting on tripod, Magic Arm or On-Camera
  • Ideal as additional lighting for recordings with camera, camcorder and smartphone

Power data of the power supply unit:

  • Power supply unit Input/connection to mains: Euro plug AC 100 – 240 V / 50-60 Hz
  • Output power: DC 15V 1A
  • Output format: coaxial power connector
  • Length of power supply unit and cable: 4 meters

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά :

1x Walimex pro LED Niova 150 Bi Color On Camera 15W

General information

Product Type LED Photo-Video lamp, LED Fluorescent Light, LED steady light
Material Aluminium, Synthetic material, Electronic Components
Product Color Black, Silver
Length 145mm
Width 95mm
Height 20mm
Weight 220g


Number of LEDs 144
Number of Lamps Daylight 72
Number of Lamps Bi Color 72
Brightness continuously variable dimmable Daylight 10-100%, Bi Color 10-100%, Yes
Colour Temperature 3200-5600K
TLCI >=95
Flicker-free Yes
Illumination Angle 120�
Lifespan 50000h
Body material Metal and Plastic Combination
Display Yes, Digital LCD display, Illuminated
Flaps included in scope of supply No
Inclinable Yes
Operating Voltage DC 15 V
Voltage supply Battery or DC IN, Battery, power supply
Power supply unit included in scope of supply No, Power supply unit sold separately
battery mounts at the device 1x NP-F
Charger included No, separatly available
Tansportation bag, Lamp included No
Compatible Battery Models NP-F Mount
Connection Mount Hot Shou Mounting adjustable, 1/4 inch
diffusordiscs are included with delivery Yes, daylight


Girth 485mm
Height of Packaging 75mm
Length of Packaging 190mm
Packaging Material Colour Packaging
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 415g
Width of Packaging 130mm

1x Walimex pro Netzteil f�r LED Niova 150 (15V,1A)

General information

Product Type Power Supply Unit
Material Synthetic material, Electronic Components
Product Color Black
Length 72mm
Width 65mm
Height 40mm
Weight 140g


Length net cable 4m


Girth 300mm
Height of Packaging 45mm
Length of Packaging 10mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 155g
Width of Packaging 70mm


Girth 1390mm
Height of Packaging 160mm
Length of Packaging 440mm
Packaging with Euro Hole Nomm
Weight incl. Packaging 570g
Width of Packaging 315mm

Περιλαμβάνει :

  • 1x Walimex pro Niova 150 Bi Color (Item no. 22290)
  • 1x camera and tripod mount
  • 1x manual DE/EN
  • 1x Walimex per power supply for LED Niova 150 (15V, 1A) (Item no. 22292)

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