Walimex pro Multi Streaming Arm


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  • Universal stand for camera, light, microphone etc., turns every desk into a studio in seconds.
  • Universal application possibilities, e.g. streaming, conferences, product shots etc.
  • Maximum flexibility with 4 height-adjustable arms, all 360ᄚ rotatable without locking screw.
  • High-quality aluminium construction, each arm supports up to 2 kg
  • With cable guide on the arms, therefore no cable tangle
  • Stable, secure attachment to the desk top with 2 screw clamps
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Turns your desk into a studio within seconds!
The Walimex pro Multi Streaming Arm is the perfect solution for all those who want to have a complete streaming station with only one product! With the Multi Streaming Arm, you have a fold-out studio. Attach your equipment, e.g. camera, lights and a microphone to the four arms and start streaming straight away!

Versatile application possibilities
Use the Multi Streaming Arm for streaming or conferences, for unboxing videos, makeup tutorials, etc., or for interviews. The camera can be positioned as desired. You can also mount several cameras – according to your needs. All possibilities are open to you!

Full flexibility
Our Multi Streaming Arm consists of a centre column and four individually usable arms. Three of them are classic swivel arms with one joint each, each carrying a mini ball head with 1/4 inch thread at the end. The fourth is a tried-and-tested, swivel-mounted microphone tilt arm with a 3/8 inch thread that can be positioned in the manner of a desk lamp with just a flick of the wrist. The tilt arms can be swivelled 360ᄚ at will, without having to loosen the locking screws, both around the column and at the central swivel joint. The mini ball heads again allow 360ᄚ of rotation of the mounted equipment in the horizontal, as well as tilting up to the vertical thanks to the portrait notch. Three adapter screws to 3/8 inch thread are included.

High load capacity
Each of the four arms can bear a load of up to 2 kg. So you can also mount DSLR cameras or medium-sized lights. The Walimex pro Multi Streaming Arm allows quick and easy setup of light, sound and image with only a few steps. With the help of the adapter 22976, devices with spigot sockets can also be attached.

Practical cable routing
The three swivel arms for horizontal swivelling each have two cable guides that can be easily removed and reattached. This means you always have a tidy look and no cable clutter.

Secure mounting thanks to two screws
For mounting on table tops, the Multi Streaming Arm features an easy-to-use screw clamp. Two screws enable secure mounting and reduce pressure on the tabletop. Together with a rubber pad, damage to the table surface is prevented. The mounting plate is adjustable and can be adapted to thicker table tops or beams with the enclosed hexagonal keys.

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General information

Material Aluminium
Product Color Black
Length 890mm
Height 100mm
Weight 5000g


Max. Capacity 8kg


Girth 1342mm
Height of Packaging 123mm
Length of Packaging 690mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 5749g
Width of Packaging 203mm

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  • 1x Walimex pro Multi Streaming Arm

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