Walimex pro paper background 1,35x10m,green chroma


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  • Background paper for professional use in photo studios
  • Paper thickness: approx. 160 g/mᄇ, colour: green chroma
  • Excellent quality and strength
  • Low-reflective surface
  • High color saturation
  • Ideal for chroma keying
  • Color display may differ from original color tone depending on monitor setting

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Professional background paper for studio applications
The Walimex pro background paper has a reflection-free surface and is therefore ideally suited for professional use in photo studios. With a paper thickness of 160 g/mᄇ the background paper is hard-wearing and ideal for daily use. Each background paper comes on a strong cardboard rolling core, which keeps the studio background paper smooth and neither bends nor sags. For transport, the ends are protected with a transport protection.

Chroma Keying or Color Keying
Due to its basic colour, the background is also ideally suited for chroma keying, commonly known as bluescreen or greenscreen – depending on the colour. The background color is an unusual color for people, furniture and clothing, and is used to assign an alpha channel to the captured image. The alpha channel defines the transparency of each pixel. In short, the background can be automatically recognized by the computer in post based on its color. Full transparency can then be assigned to the corresponding pixels, removing the background from the image. The areas freed up in this way can then be replaced by any other background. When using the background for chroma keying, please note that the motif does not contain the same or a similar color as the background, and that the background is illuminated as evenly as possible.

Background stock for long lasting use
After use, the background paper can be rolled back onto the sturdy rolling core. If the background paper is no longer acceptable after a longer period of use, the used part can simply be cut off and fresh paper can be rolled off.
It is recommended to weigh down the bottom end of the background paper to protect it from tearing. The Walimex pro magnetic weighting tape, Art. No. 22479, is ideal for this purpose.
Walimex pro background paper is available in different colours.

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά :

General information

Product Color Chromakey green
Material Paper
Product Type Paper backround
Width 1350mm
Paper Weight 160g/mᄇ
Weight 2800g
Surface Reflex poor


Field of Application Indoor
Inside diameter rolling core 5cm


Girth 415mm
Height of Packaging 80mm
Length of Packaging 1385mm
Packaging Material Carton
Weight incl. Packaging 3040g
Width of Packaging 85mm

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  • 1x Walimex pro paper background 1,35x10m, green chroma

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Βάρος 3.04 kg
Διαστάσεις 138.5 × 8.5 × 8 cm




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