Walimex Universal Battery Charger 230V/12V


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  • Charger for
  • most 3.6V – 3.7V or 7.2V – 7.4V Li-Ion batteries, with adjustable sliding contact
  • 2x AA/AAA or 1x 9V NiMH batteries
  • USB devices
  • Connection to 100-240V via power supply unit or 12V car charger cable (both included)
  • Recognises voltage and polarity, battery cannot be inserted incorrectly
  • Charging status and battery type are shown in the display
  • Automatic shutdown, trickle charge & timer fuse
  • Διαθέσιμο κατόπιν παραγγελίας

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    Universal charger for Li-Ion and NiMH rechargeable batteries
    With the universal charger from Walimex pro you can charge almost all Li-Ion and NiMH batteries, individual device rechargeable batteries as well as universal cylindrical rechargeable batteries or 9V blocks. It can be used for two AA or AAA or one 9V NiMH batteries. The charger automatically detects which type of battery you have inserted. It also has a USB output with 5V / 500 mA, so you can charge any USB device such as smartphones or tablets. The charger can be used with the mains charger cable or the DC 12V car charger cable.

    Simple adjustable slide contact
    If you want to charge a Li-Ion individual device rechargeable battery, you can easily adapt the charger to your battery by using its sliding contacts. So the charger is compatible with most 3.6V – 3.7V or 7.2V – 7.4V Li-Ion batteries. The charger is not compatible with batteries of the InfoLithium series, NP-FC10 / Canon LP-E6 and NP-FR1 as well as Li-Ion batteries with an operating voltage of less than 2.8 V, though. The device batteries can be up to 4 cm wide and their poles must be at least 3 mm apart.

    Automatic functions
    The charger has many automatic functions. The automatic voltage adjustment 100-240V allows a carefree use abroad. In addition, it has an automatic polarity detection, an automatic switch-off and timer protection. The LC display shows battery type, voltage and charging status.

    Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά :

    General information

    Product Type Battery Charger
    Product Color White


    Compatibility 3.6V – 3.7V Li-Ion Batteries, 7.2V – 7.4V Li-Ion Batteries
    Input Cable Charger Euro plug, 12V Car charger
    Input Voltage DC 12V AutoladekabelV, By cable AC 100~240V


    Girth 555mm
    Height of Packaging 85mm
    Length of Packaging 245mm
    Weight incl. Packaging 259g
    Width of Packaging 150mm

    Περιλαμβάνει :

    • 1x Walimex pro Universal Battery Charger 230V/12V
    • 1x Mains charging cable with power supply 100-240V
    • 1x DC 12V car charger cable

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