Zeiss κιτ καθαρισμού φακών


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Φυσητήρας αέρος
Βουρτσάκι σκόνης με ινες απο ανθρακονήματα
Διάλυμα καθαρισμού φακών (30ml)
Πανί καθαρισμού με μικρο-ίνες (18x18cm)
10 υγροποιημένα καθαριστικά μαντηλάκια

Διαθέσιμο κατόπιν παραγγελίας

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The Carl Zeiss Lens Cleaning Kit is a very complete cleaning kit . It is essential that you maintain your lenses properly and the lenses are clean because the smallest dirt can affect the quality of the final result. The cleaning products from Zeiss are not only suitable for lenses or filters but also for binoculars and LCD displays. The set comes in a handy waist bag.

In the box
The following accessories are included as standard:

– Bellows
– Dust brush
– Cleaning fluid (30ml) for optical surfaces
– Ten wet wipes
– Microfibre cleaning cloth
– From Carl Zeiss

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