Quadralite Reporter S2-holder for studio light modifiers


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Quadralite Reporter S2-holder is a low weight holder, which allows one to use Bowens mount modifiers with speedlites.

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Reporter S2-holder is a holder for Reporter and Stroboss flashes which allows to use light modifiers dedicated for studio flashes with the Bowens mount. Reporter S2-holder is a perfect tool for strobing enthusiasts. It is especially designed for all speedlites and Reporter flashes and it’s based on a very simple and useful clamp mechanism. This solution is much safer, more universal and allows for much more efficient use of a flash than in the case of any hot-shoe mount brackets. It also gives the possibility to easily mount radio triggers directly on flash’s hot shoe and helps to forget about any unnecessary cables. Another important feature of the Reporter S-holder is that it allows to take advantage of light modifiers dedicated for studio lamps with Bowens bayonet or different type of accessories (Reporter S-holder is able to hold softbox up to 120x80cm or octobox 95cm, use of larger light modifiers is not recommended). Aside from the above, the holder features an umbrella mount and angle adjustment. The entire device can be mounted on a standard studio tripod.

Main features:

it allows to use studio light modifiers with Bowens mount
features an umbrella mount
holder for all types of speedlite flashes
angle adjustment and standard tripod mount
low weight (435g) and compact size
In the box:

Quadralite Reporter S-holder
original packaging

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