Walimex pro DSLR Swivel arm Magic 18


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  • flexible hinged bracket with two ball joints
  • ideal for use on DSLR rigs, dollies, shooting tables, etc.
  • convenient locking wheel with central blocking for all three joints
  • two 1/4 inch screws with thread adapters and flash shoe adapter
  • max. total length approx. 18cm
  • max. load capacity approx. 2kg

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Multifunctional helper
The walimex pro Swivel Arm is a multifunctional, flexible helper that should not be missing in any studio. The bracket, which is 28cm long, is equipped with three joints, two of which come with high-quality ball joints. This allows you to realize individual positions. The central locking wheel in the middle of the hinged bracket is particularly convenient, as it allows you to adjust and lock all three joints at the same time according to your requirements. You are also flexible redarding your connection options. Two 1/4 inch screws with thread adapter and flash shoe adapter are at your disposal.

Ideal for the use with DSLR rigs and dollies
The Swivel Arm also offers flexibility in its use: it is ideal for the use with DSLR rigs and dollies. With it, you can attach video accessories such as video lights, monitors or microphones to your rig or dolly. The joints allow you to arrange the hinged bracket as needed.

Also suitable for shooting tables and autopoles
Additionally, the hinged bracket can be used on shooting tables, in order to realize unusual positions, or for unique perspectives on tripods and autopoles. The high quality materials ensure the necessary stability.

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General information

Weight 195g
Length 180mm
Material Aluminium
Product Color Black


Max. Capacity 2kg
Made in Germany No
modular system Yes


Girth 288mm
Height of Packaging 39mm
Length of Packaging 180mm
Weight incl. Packaging 209g
Width of Packaging 70mm

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