Walimex pro Friction Arm 18 combi spigot and 1/4モ


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  • The swivel arm is one of the most frequently used tools of any photographer or videographer
  • Precise orientation of the equipment
  • Two kinds of connection – a 5/8” spigot pin and 1/4” standard camera connection combined in one swivel arm
  • Utterly unlimited possibilities for attaching, combining and using equipment.
  • Perfect complement for devices with a spigot adapter

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Tools for professionals The swivel arm is actually the most frequently used tool of any photographer or videographer. It comes in various lengths (18 and 28 cm as well as 53 cm total length), and can be ordered in various models, starting with use in the field of actioncams/GoPro devices, via typical camera solutions and application in photography, through to heavy-duty uses with the large swivel arm, XL SP, that can support up to 5 kg, and also offers security for large cameras or flash heads, which is why it is often used in the events medical field.

The new swivel arm 18 Combo is another development and offers the same modes of connection: a 5/8” spigot pin and a 1/4” standard camera connector.

Connection sought and found With both connectors, flash heads or LED lamps can now be locked in place and oriented with the utmost ease – all that with one small swivel arm. In photography as well as in the field of music and events, there is a plethora of devices and accessories that have a spigot adapter. In combination with, for example, a super clamp, you immediately have every conceivable kind of attachment at your fingertips. Or you use the swivel arm 18 combo in conjunction with the walimex pro spigot 5/8” to 5/8”-11/16 connector, forming, along with a lamp tripod, a sturdy and individual support for reflectors or brighteners in tabletop and product photographer. There are no limits to your ideas and uses.

Our aim Be creative – we’ll give you the tool to do it!

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General information

Product Type articulated arm
Weight 253g
Length 180mm
Material Synthetic material, Steel, Die-cast aluminium


Max. Capacity 2kg
1/4 inch accessories thread Yes
3/8 inch accesories thread No


Girth 306mm
Height of Packaging 70mm
Length of Packaging 190mm
Weight incl. Packaging 287g
Width of Packaging 48mm

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  • 1x walimex pro swivel arm 18 combo spigot and 1/4” with locking wheel

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